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The ‘Just Joe’ tour starts on 12th October at the Princes Hall in Aldershot and travels the length and breadth of the UK. Uncut, solo, uncensored, the audience will see Joe talk about his early days, growing up in a pub in London’s East End, discovering Skiffle, becoming a Rock ‘N’ Roll pioneer and touring with the likes of Eddie Cochran, Billy Fury and Gene Vincent before headlining shows with The Beatles as opening act. The heady days of Rock ‘N’ Roll will be laid bare and the evening promises to be an intimate glimpse into the hectic world of one of Britain’s most enduring and best loved performers.

This show however will not only be stories and anecdotes it will feature a lot of music, aided and abetted by his old friend Henry Gross, Joe will play many a song and do what he does better than almost anyone else – entertain with a capital E.

Well-known for his love of the ukulele, during the show Joe will be of course using his Laka ‘The Joe Brown’ Soprano Acoustic Ukulele (LK-JBS £249 rrp inc case).

Joe commands a stage like no other. His musical skills are legend, his repartee renowned. Indeed, Joe Brown – up close and personal – what could be more entertaining and what could be more of a treat!


02/28/17 :

Alvarez – February Guitar Of The Month

The ‘66 models are beautifully finished and have a deep glass-like shine. The vintage sunburst on Mahogany brings out the grain to create a warm look to match its tone. Our mahogany top guitars have a focused sound with strong mids, great for recording and live work.

Check out the guitar of the month video, highlighting these guitars –

Artist Series is now “The Award Winning Artist Series” – winning competitions and receiving rave reviews in the States, Europe and around the world. It’s a truly designed line of guitars that stands tall and sounds sweet in the solid top guitar market.

01/17/17:  Clic and see these  Two New Alvarez Guitars for different acoustic experiences

NOVEMBER 2016 : Alvarez Launches Guitar of the Month Campaign

Alvarez is excited to announce the launch of its Guitar of the Month promotion, which will present popular models of Alvarez guitars with their own dedicated webpage, social media branding and a giveaway each month.

“Our line of guitars has never been stronger and we feel it’s thanks in part to the excellent feedback from our consumers,” says Chris Meikle, Head of Development at Alvarez and Senior Vice President of St. Louis Music. “Running a campaign that calls attention to all the progress we’ve made in tandem with a monthly giveaway is a great way to communicate and thank Alvarez players.”

Guitar of the Month will feature some of Alvarez’ most popular models, including selections from the Jazz & Blues series, as well as newly upgraded Artist Series guitars which now feature a stunning shadowburst finish and an LR Baggs Stagepro pickup system.

Specific models include the Delta00E/TSB & Delta00EDLX/SHB from the Jazz & Blues line, the Artist Series AD60, AF66SHB, AC65HCE, ABT60, ABT60E, and the Masterworks Series MFA66CESHB and MGA66CESHB. Each month Alvarez will announce a new model and present fans with a giveaway landing page where they can enter.

To learn more about Alvarez go to

What are you up to next weekend? Not much? Great – come and join us in London for the London Acoustic Guitar Show, taking place on the 10th & 11th September at Olympia.

The London Acoustic Guitar Show is the ultimate two day event for those of you who love all things acoustic. The weekend will be packed with live demos, masterclasses and performances by some incredible artists. Learn the tricks of the trade, check out the latest gear and watch your idols play up close and personal!

If all of that wasn’t enough of a good reason to hot tail it down to the show, we’ll be there with two new brands – Mayson Guitars and Richwood Guitars.

With over 20 years of experience as a builder of classical guitars, Alex Wang of Mayson Guitars started building steelstring guitars in 2008, embracing tradition with modern techniques and viewpoints. The result is a modern steelstring guitar with an excellent playability, quick response, clarity, volume and a string-to-string separation that will appeal a lot to modern fingerstyle players as well as electric players.

Richwood Master Series Guitars is oozing tradition in their look and sound. These fine guitars are made the traditional way: By hand. A lot of experience and dedication go into these instruments. The high quality makes Richwood Guitars and incredible value for money instrument. A friendly, warm sounding and all-round guitar that’s just perfect for singer-songwriters.

Rochester Sweeps Festival 2016  – Rochester, Kent – 30 April, 1 and 2 May – 10am – 6pm daily

The name ‘Sweeps’ comes from 19c sweeps celebrating their traditional holiday through song and dance. May Day (Sunday 1 May) is also famous for Jack-in-the-Green awakening ceremonies (as part of the heralding of spring fertility) and it is traditional for dance teams and sweeps to bring Jack to life at the crack of dawn (this ceremony takes place at the Bluebell Hill Picnic Site).

Now in its 36th year, Sweeps is the largest folk festival in Europe and continues to celebrate Morris dancing and folk music throughout Rochester. The town welcomes approximately 60,000 attendees over the three days and with Monday being a bank holiday; the festival is a favourite for families looking for something to do on the long weekend.

In 2012 we introduced a food and lifestyle fair on the Monday, which after its success was included across the full three days of the festival in the following years. Now in 2016 we are expanding this into an Artisan Produce Fair, which will offer a variety of local produce and folk art. Part of the reasons why we believe it works so well is the stalls holders on going commitment on offering tasters and testers to create a mouth watering buzz around the festival area.

Now we feel its time to focus on growing the Music element to the festival. In 2014 we moved the Music Instrument Fair and the Record Fair into a more prominent place within the festival to help improve the footfall and visibility of the stalls for the people visiting the festival and this year we want to expand both elements.

With coaches being booked for all three days, let’s keep pushing to make the already successful Sweeps Festival an event known for its wonderful products and produce. If this has tickled your taste buds, which I hope it has, and you have a musically themed stall, please complete the attached application form and return to address below..

We hope that you will be joining us at Sweeps Festival 2016.

Vigier Welcomes Moon Tooth’s Nick Lee Guitarist to the Family!

We are proud to welcome our newest artist Nick Lee, guitarist for Moon Tooth and Riot V, to the Vigier family. Nick is a hardworking guitarist from Long Island and Moon Tooth’s self-released, Chromaparagon, has already hit #85 on the Neilsen SoundScan Hard Rock chart a week from it’s initial release.

Pick up a physical copy of “Chromaparagon” at or download/stream it anywhere digital music is sold.

Following a full album stream by Guitar World, here are some early reviews of the album:

“Top-notch musicality, crafty songwriting, and mesmerizing live show. They have my vote for best new band…”
–Metal Injection

“They’re heavy, they’re melodic, they’re intimidatingly skilled musicians, they’re great songwriters, and holy shit, wait ’til you see them live.”

“Moon Tooth leads the wolfpack… with shred. Nick [Lee] plays the guitar like his fingers are trapeze artists…”
–Gear Gods

“Technical, melodic, and shreddy without being wanky… The band’s bio compares vocalist John Carbone’s voice to Jeff Buckley, and he certainly has one hell of a range.”
–Metal Insider

“Each unexpected punch to your eardrums feels not only satisfying but also authentic… The passion in these recordings is palpable.”
–Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Nick Lee - Moon Tooth

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I bought the cheapest guitar I could find with a Bigsby B50 on it so I could have something to test fit my tuning stabilizer on. This Alden guitar popped up on Ebay and I got it for $149.99 direct from China. I have no ides what model they call this or even how one could produce and build a guitar for $150. The pickups were, however, aweful. I replaced them with some Rio Grande Blues / Low Bar P90's that are pretty darn decent. I added the tuning stabilizer to the Bigsby to reduce the string break angle over the bridge, which also REALLY softens the feel of the Biggs. I had laying around an old Fender locking nut with fine tuners, so I slapped that on too. Egnater Rebel 30 makes a difference too! Check this out and judge (the sound, not necessarily the playing) for yourself.