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Welcome to Mid Air Music. We are a Guitar Shop based in Chatham, Kent, we provide a large range of guitars in Kent including Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Amplifiers and Effect Pedals. We stock many makes and models of guitars including Warwick Bass, Blackstar Amps , Dean Guitars, Peavey Guitars, Tanglewood Guitars and Godin Guitars. Mid Air Music – The guitar store in Kent.

We don’t sell : we just recommend the best guitars and accessories:

We don't sell : we just recommend the best guitars and accessories:

I bought the cheapest guitar I could find with a Bigsby B50 on it so I could have something to test fit my tuning stabilizer on. This Alden guitar popped up on Ebay and I got it for $149.99 direct from China. I have no ides what model they call this or even how one could produce and build a guitar for $150. The pickups were, however, aweful. I replaced them with some Rio Grande Blues / Low Bar P90's that are pretty darn decent. I added the tuning stabilizer to the Bigsby to reduce the string break angle over the bridge, which also REALLY softens the feel of the Biggs. I had laying around an old Fender locking nut with fine tuners, so I slapped that on too. Egnater Rebel 30 makes a difference too! Check this out and judge (the sound, not necessarily the playing) for yourself.